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How Checkly natively integrates with your workflow and tools

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synthetic monitoring  


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Andreas Wixler

CTO & Co-Founder

“Checkly is super easy to use and fits perfectly in our toolchain.”

finn.auto uses Checkly to ensure booking processes work all the time, everywhere!

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“We’ve been using Checkly for the past months. It’s been phenomenal. Super easy to get setup, works flawlessly and intuitively. The team are super receptive & quick to help”

“Checkly is a fabulous developer tool! The flexible features and developer-friendly API made the integration super easy. Bonus: their support is super friendly and knowledgeable!”

Jake Cooper

Founder / Engineer

Connor Hicks

Lead Developer

"Checkly is incredible: It combines Pingdom, Ghost Inspector and Assertible all in the same app, and the insights are much more detailed."

Leo Lamprecht

SVP Product

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